Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy

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Directed by Melissa Olson
The music video is composed from footage of
1960 Joseph Kittinger, the man that set the record for the longest free fall with a helium balloon for Project Excelsior, and Laird Hamilton’s ride of a giant wave.
The music and the visuals blend so nicely together, a real mood setter, could be my favorite song ever.

According to, the 3rd most played track on my list is Dayvan Cowboy with 34 plays in total. I got El-P with T.O.J. on #1 and Madvillain with Great Day (Four Tet remix) on #2. Other followers are Sigur RósStarálfur, Amon TobinEasy Muffin and Cannibal OxPigeon.
Yeah, I like all kinds of music, except country music of course, being from underground hiphop to post rock and from metal to indie electronica.

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