Vista and some thoughts

I know I haven’t been posting too often lately, but I’ve been busy playing around with Windows Vista. Yeah, I installed it a few weeks back on a separate partition to see what it does and now I completely switched over.


I didn’t install Vista because it’s newer and possibly better, but since I’m a power user I think I can benefit and work more efficiently with features like on-the-fly disk searches or file tagging.

I must say my first impression was very good. I’ve got a Dell pc and on XP I had to install tons of drivers to get everything functioning properly (Hyper-Threading and stuff) and on Vista I had to do squad, everything worked right out of the box, the installation was done within 30 minutes.

Off course every feature they implemented already exists and might be taken from other operating systems like OSX or Ubuntu, but all in all I think it’s a big step in the right direction for Microsoft.
It’s a very clean UI, I’m not a fan of the Aero Glass eye candy but it isn’t distracting either. I’m not gonna talk about the other features cause I haven’t had time to explore them thoroughly.

Together with Vista I installed the new Office 2007 suite which has a very cool and intuitive user interface.

As you can see I’m speak highly of the new Microsoft products, maybe it’s a first impression, maybe not. I hope I don’t change my mind.

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