The Cinematic Orchestra – Ma Fleur


It already has been a good year for music and it’s getting even better. Jason Swinscoe with The Cinematic Orchestra released their follow-up to 2002′s “Everyday”.
“Ma Fleur” was conceived as the soundtrack to an imagined film, working alongside a scriptwriter. In a similar manner TCO scored a 1929 silent documentary film, “Man with the movie camera”, for a 2002 album.

As a longtime fan of TCO, I’m happy to see some new stuff. I asked about it on the scissorkick blogpost and apparently Swinscoe had some personal problems to deal with, alright.
It’s a great album, very relaxing, it held up to my expectations and will be playing it a lot in my car. The artwork looks pretty cool too, I bought it through itunes so I really hate that.

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