September 2008

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High Places – “From Stardust to Sentience”

I'm so hooked on this track right now.. Self-titled High Places drops 23rd. MP3: High Places - "From Stardust to Sentience" website | myspace | amazon


Swagga Like Puff v1 & 2

Cracked me up. Way to portray Ye, Hov, and Weezy (and overdo the autotune hype).

Bumblebeez – “Dr. Love”

Simple, yet so amusing.


Fuck Buttons

Buttons’ debut is great, to some it’s just ambient noise, but I’m a fan. Definitely check “Sweet Love for Planet Earth”.

TR2N Tease

Can’t wait for the new Tron movie, again with Jeff Bridges. Secretly shot at Comic Con, but still looks amazing.


Paris is burning. With talent that is. 80's are officially back, and so is the Testarossa according to Kavinsky. Apparently the French electro artist and dj drives one and claims to be raised from the dead after a dramatic car accident occurred in 1986. Kavinsky doesn't take his music too ...


James White

Great artist, check his blog.

Ratatat – “Falcon Jab” (Copy Remix)

is good.