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Film: Moon

Moon is a magnificent story about a man whose sole purpose is harvesting an alternative fuel source on, you know, the moon. His captivity and isolation confronts him whereas loneliness and strange happenings make him question his sanity. Written and directed by Duncan Jones, starring the ...


Generation Kill

If you ever get the chance to pick up this exhilarating drama/action show, please do. I’m struck with awe (makingof).


Superhero movies are a genre that's mostly seen as big budget profits. Its target is a large audience, so easy thrills and superficial action sequences are sadly too often the main focus. For the better, the last couple of years we've seen some truly awespiring pieces in this genre, including ...


Skank Robbers Trailer

This would be the best movie of the year.

HBO’s ‘The Pacific’ Trailer

Band of Brothers was epic, I’m a huge fan. Excited is the least I can say.

Heima, A film by Sigur Ròs

It's hard to think of Sigur Rós as your ordinary band, first off they have their own made up language which slightly resembles Icelandic, they have a very unique way of composing and Jonsi's voice alone sets them miles apart. Heima translates to "at home", so it's self evident that their ...


Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Every once in a while I really get excited about a movie, mostly a simple, overlooked indie film, which is worth blogging about cause no one else does (check Be Kind Rewind and The Fountain). Based on a book, the movie revolves around a night out in Nyc. In search for their abandoned drunk ...


9 Trailer

Dark, highly imaginary tale based on this amazing short, looks totally my thing.

Cop Shows

I like em. Two recently came to an end to my regret. My thoughts. Last week I watched the series finale of probably my favorite TV show "The Shield". I was pretty much in shock, speechless and even sad. The show that I've been devoted to for the last six years has finally ended, the show that ...


The Wrestler Trailer

Looks amazing, must be Aronofsky’s most accessible.