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Josdigital’s Favorite Albums of 2010

When you thought the time of reminiscence was over, here’s one more for ya. After the fact again but not defying logic by releasing when the year is actually over. In a non-reversed order for your viewing pleasure, this is a non-profit non-judgmental blog anyways. Two things to note though. ...


Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People EP

With an album already announced (and an intriguing album cover), Stevens brings this stellar EP filled with bombast and typical Stevens folk. Listen to the whole thing down below.

Josdigital’s Favorite Albums of 2009

Now that you're probably tired of these lists, here's mine. Am I the only one to deliberately wait until the year is over before starting this listmania frenzy? Maybe I just don't care about the pageviews, ads or the reputation. Or maybe I just couldn't make up my damn mind. Though I look ...


The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa

Not at all self-absorbed, Esau Mwamawaya and Radioclit are The Very Best. Aside from their larger than life band name and the fact that their exhilarating The Very Best Mixtape from last year, which by the way is still available as a free download, was a huge revelation to the whole ...


Girls – “Hellhole Ratrace”

‘Portrayed?’ as a bunch of hippies living life as it comes, the video is both very complementary to the lyrics and the whole vibe. Until the sun comes up.

Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Grizzly Bear are a Brooklyn based psychedelic quartet producing a very intimate style of art-rock, some call it chamber pop, referring to a very laid back feeling. It's sophisticated, intriguing and it constantly challenges the  listener to take a closer look at their warm, lush ...


Heima, A film by Sigur Ròs

It's hard to think of Sigur Rós as your ordinary band, first off they have their own made up language which slightly resembles Icelandic, they have a very unique way of composing and Jonsi's voice alone sets them miles apart. Heima translates to "at home", so it's self evident that their ...


Les Concerts à Emporter

Les Concerts à Emporter or The Take-Away Shows are a project by French music website La Blogothèque. Its purpose is to give the viewer a more natural, down-to-earth, feature-stripped view on specifically chosen artists, as is, whether it be your favorite artist or an unknown in the hope of ...


New Beirut Video – “La Llorona”

I have a good feeling that 2009 is going to be alright. ‘March Of The Zapotec’ drops late February.

Portishead – Third

Psychedelic rhythmic, even industrial rock wouldn't come to mind when thinking about Portishead, but add a dark feel or tone and it immediately becomes a bit clearer that the band I'm talking about didn't loose what made them great. Portishead members reunite with a conceptually more ...