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Josdigital’s Favorite Albums of 2010

When you thought the time of reminiscence was over, here’s one more for ya. After the fact again but not defying logic by releasing when the year is actually over. In a non-reversed order for your viewing pleasure, this is a non-profit non-judgmental blog anyways. Two things to note though. ...


Glasser – Ring

It's amazing how music has evolved these last few years. Mostly for the better, but you can't deny that an over saturated market doesn't have its defects. Most notably the need to stand out, to cross a farther reaching boundary, the so-called wow-factor. In that Cameron Mesirow aka Glasser ...


Apparat – “Sayulita”

Apparat’s effort to the DJ-Kicks series drops later this month. This track is an early warm up to what might possibly be my favorite comp of the year. (tracklist)

%s1 / %s2

Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People EP

With an album already announced (and an intriguing album cover), Stevens brings this stellar EP filled with bombast and typical Stevens folk. Listen to the whole thing down below.

Salem – “King Knight”

Much anticipated is Salem’s King Knight lp out in September. Here’s their overdrowned in synths lo-fi crunk style best represented on its title track.


All tracks sound amazingly chill and well directed. One to look out for.

Arch M – Land Huxt

Arch M stirred the blogosphere with a massive track a while ago. Now grab this dreamy highly conceptual EP and get dazed.

Caribou – Swim

Canadian Dan Snaith isn't as much an innovator as he is a progressor. Whether it's his previous psych pop spectacle, Andorra, or condensed organic electronica through his Manitoba releases, he knows what works, what needs to be explored and built upon. It's no secret that my adoration for the ...


Four Tet – There is Love in You

Five years seems like a lot in music. Back in 04-05, when IDM was still considered a sole genre in electronic music, when the Ninja Tune label was still notorious for its great releases and when eclectic electronic music was still indie as ever, there were a few artists that could do no wrong. ...


Josdigital’s Favorite Albums of 2009

Now that you're probably tired of these lists, here's mine. Am I the only one to deliberately wait until the year is over before starting this listmania frenzy? Maybe I just don't care about the pageviews, ads or the reputation. Or maybe I just couldn't make up my damn mind. Though I look ...