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Josdigital’s Favorite Albums of 2010

When you thought the time of reminiscence was over, here’s one more for ya. After the fact again but not defying logic by releasing when the year is actually over. In a non-reversed order for your viewing pleasure, this is a non-profit non-judgmental blog anyways. Two things to note though. ...


Josdigital’s Favorite Albums of 2009

Now that you're probably tired of these lists, here's mine. Am I the only one to deliberately wait until the year is over before starting this listmania frenzy? Maybe I just don't care about the pageviews, ads or the reputation. Or maybe I just couldn't make up my damn mind. Though I look ...


Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Grizzly Bear are a Brooklyn based psychedelic quartet producing a very intimate style of art-rock, some call it chamber pop, referring to a very laid back feeling. It's sophisticated, intriguing and it constantly challenges the  listener to take a closer look at their warm, lush ...


New Grizzly Bear Video – “Two Weeks”

is awesome! Their Hobbit-like appearance takes a twisted turn, complements the song very well.

Cold War Kids – I’ve Seen Enough (Interactive Video)

Cool concept. Green blue green blue ensemble is my shit.

Heima, A film by Sigur Ròs

It's hard to think of Sigur Rós as your ordinary band, first off they have their own made up language which slightly resembles Icelandic, they have a very unique way of composing and Jonsi's voice alone sets them miles apart. Heima translates to "at home", so it's self evident that their ...


Bat For Lashes – “Daniel”

You might remember this Pakistani Briton girl, better known as Natasha Khan, from the 2007 haunting What's a Girl to Do? video and her impressive debut Fur and Gold. With her moniker Bat for Lashes she's prepping for the release of her follow-up, 'Two Suns' out April. I'm stoked, first ...


Deerhunter – Microcastle

I recently read a comment about Microcastle and the guy said that it sounds like a dream. I think that's the perfect way to describe my intuitive awareness. You could say that this is more of an ambient sounding record, drowning in 60's pop and garage influences. But even though the songs are ...


Ratatat – LP3

I never knew Ratatat existed until the free mp3 "The Shiller" surfaced on the internet as a single for their third LP, self explanatory called LP3. (When pronouncing the band name I always felt like putting an extra "-at" behind it). LP3 is a fun, easy going, electronic joint that does not ...


Postal Service covers Flaming Lips

In my opinion, the new Death Cab for Cutie album can't compare to previous efforts. I do like this The Flaming Lips cover by Ben Gibbard's other electro-pop project, with Dntel's Jimmy Tamborello. MP3: The Postal Service - Suddenly Everything Has Changed (The Flaming Lips Cover) website | ...