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Sanso-Xtro – ‘Hello Night Crow’

Gorgeous animation and subtle progression make this video pure bliss. New LP, Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain, out now.

Keep Shelly In Athens – “Running Out Of You”

Keep Shelly In Athens is definitely one to watch out for. Just watch this video, wait for the synth to drop and be amazed.

Nosaj Thing – “Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)”

Jon Hopkins’ take on Us, featured on Drift Remixed, is a lot more aggressive. The video flows through the slaughter, preparation and devouring of a meal as its high point. The cleaning in heavenly light as its downfall. Great concept as the video perfectly aligns with the ambiance of the song.

(via YYY)

Massive Attack – “Atlas Air”

Massive Attack videos are exactly like their music. Dark, uncompromising in style with attitude and a slightly offset integrity. Serves as a prequel to the marvelous “Splitting the Atom” video.

Amon Tobin – “Esther’s”

#1 in 2007 just received a video for its unsettling post-industrial Esther’s track. Apparently the idea was introduced by Belgian director Charles De Meyer (aka Chuck Eklectric) even before the Transformers movie came out.

Jon Hopkins – Vessel (Four Tet Remix)

Jon Hopkins’ Vessel  by remix giant Kieran Hebden is nothing short of pure bliss. The video is a perfectly suiting play of beautifully shot dancers moving in an endless loop, conceptual harmony and duality.

How To Dress Well – “Lover’s start”

Highly anticipated lo-fi artist How To Dress Well brought this suiting footage of late great Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel. It’s a climax in 1971 film Franz, but works just as well here.

Mark Ronson feat. Q-Tip and MNDR – “Bang Bang Bang”

Even though retro is the new cool, I really enjoy the song and visuals. As Q-Tip says best “Keep it funky y’all”, as he does.

Blockhead – “The Music Scene”

Trippy, psychedelic colorful animations (aka just the way I like it) in tone with instrumentals from Aesop Rock’s man bring forth a well paced natural flow of images toward the music. Very well done.

The Cinematic Orchestra – “Lilac Wine”

Best known as Jeff Buckley’s adaptation, “Lilac Wine” performed by this Josdigital favorite is subtle, touching and ready to be played again and again. Stunning visuals comprised of calligraphy and hand drawing are nothing short of pure delicacy. Enjoy.